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ATP expands e-commerce logistics
ATP, Auto-Teile-Poellath Handels GmbH, an online retailer for automotive parts, has implemented an innovative and modular e-commerce solution together with general contractor WITRON. The logistics center with a size of 12,200 square meters ships more than 10,000 packages per day.
Customer: ATP Auto-Teile-Poellath Handels GmbH
ATP is considered the fastest growing automotive online shop in Germany. The successful e-retailer currently supplies more than one million customers across Europe and the demand is still rising. The owner-run company holds a total of 700,000 different items covering automotive spare parts and wear and tear parts, care products, electronic parts, tuning elements, tools, and accessories. The e-commerce distribution center in Pressath stores some 30,000 different products.
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
Up to 100 orderlines per hour
Special features of the project
The implementation approach with focus on high modularity, expandability, and flexibility right from the start has proven in practical use: Based on the strong growth of ATP, the automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) is currently being expanded by two aisles (14,400 additional tote storage locations) and the number of pick locations is being increased from eight to twelve. This expansion is part of construction phase II, which is done during ongoing operation. This will increase the AS/RS capacity from 50,000 to 65,000 storage locations. And the system limits have still not been reached. There is the possibility at the site to completely mirror the AS/RS and high bay warehouse and even double the current capacity once again.
The automated picking system OPS includes an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS), a distribution loop via conveyor system lines, and upstream picking workstations. In the OPS, the products handled at the stationary and multi-functional picking workstations are provided for picking according to the goods-to-person principle - on an order-related basis and in the right sequence. The employees at ATP pick at eight workstations directly into the shipping carton based on the dialog-supported “pick & pack” principle (an expansion to twelve workstations is currently being realized). Eight different carton sizes are available for this purpose. A system specifies the optimal carton size for every order. The consequence: The elimination of transporting air” saves transportation costs. The delivery documents and the invoice will be attached to the carton at these workstations. The pick performance amounts to 100 orderlines per workstation per hour. The ergonomic picking of heavy and bulky items in EPS is done according to the “person-to-goods” principle, via the pick mobile directly into the pallet high bay warehouse, equipped with 12,200 storage locations. The EPS also has a modular design and can be easily expanded if required. Pick mobiles are transported IT-controlled to the correct pick location and the pick container is always aligned to the correct storage shelf. The employee is guided by a screen dialog. At the same time, the pick volume is shown in a display on the railing of the vehicle. Picking errors are thus practically eliminated. Three EPS picking mobiles and four fully automated replenishment mobiles are currently being used in the seven-aisle pallet warehouse - they are able to process up to 100 orderlines per vehicle and hour. In the process, all items of the assortment are provided in each aisle. All module aisles work independently from each other and orders are completed in one aisle. Order picking into flexible pick containers with up to six levels allows parallel picking of several orders according to the multi-order picking principle. The items picked in the EPS are packed into shipping cartons at twelve packing stations, which are directly connected to the pallet conveyor system, and equipped with an automatic carton transportation system. Employees at these workstations are always given the right carton size for the respective order.
Customer opinion
With the implementation of WITRON’s logistics solution, ATP now has a logistics system that holistically fulfills the complex requirements of the e-commerce business and is probably unique in the online business for automotive parts.