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Asko builds new fresh food warehouse
Three material flows, three shipping areas, three load carriers, and three different target customer groups - ASKO’s new fresh food warehouse (+2 degrees Celsius) in Norway was not too much of a volume challenge for WITRON’s technical systems, rather the logic and dynamics in the processes, the integration of the technology, and the design were decisive for a successful ramp-up.
Customer: ASKO, Norway
WITRON realized a 24,000 square meter fresh food warehouse for Asko. Asko is part of the NorgesGruppen. The company’s customers are 14,000 hotels and restaurants, as well as 2,670 store operators. Asko operates 12 regional warehouses.
Vestby, Norway
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
> 4,000 fresh products
OPM with 18 COM machines, DPS with 28 pick locations, OCB, MPS and consolidation system, HBW
317,000 picks/peak day
Special features of the project
The picked fresh goods are transported via connected pallet lifters (the logistics center was built on a hillside - the ground had to be blasted) to another receiving area, where they are manually packed with the dry goods from another order, placed on a load carrier, and then leave the “warehouse in the warehouse” with Asko’s own fleet of trucks.
Three processes, three material flows, three load carriers, three shipping areas, three different distribution channels, and three years were needed to realize the new fresh food warehouse project - from the first mechanical installations to the complete takeover in Spring 2018 - a logistical masterpiece, according to the ASKO employees.
Customer opinion
We didn’t exclusively ask for a technical expert for the project or look for technical systems, but we were looking for a company that understands our process and dynamics, that can map these processes, and develop or adapt technical solutions for them”, explains Logistics Director Arild Åsmul.