Solutions / ATS/ATCS - Automated Tote/Case System
ATS/ATCS - Automated Tote/Case System
ATS/ACS for fully automatic picking of whole totes, carton trays (fresh produce, fruits, vegetables), and beverage crates. This system is most commonly found in the temperature-controlled areas of food retail distribution centers.
Level of automation
Fully automated
Picking unit
Totes / cartons / beverage boxes
ATS allows fully automated picking of dispatch units consisting of totes that have already been filled with goods in the company’s own production department or by the supplier. In the ATS, these dispatch units are received, buffered, picked, stacked on a dispatch unit according to customer or store requirements, and made available for delivery, all without the need for personnel or ID recording. In addition, ATS sets completely new standards in the field of ergonomics by completely eliminating the need for strenuous lifting and carrying of heavy totes and crates.
  • No need for personnel in the entire material flow process
  • Automated depalletizing of tote and case stacks
  • Automatic separation of totes and cases
  • Totes are buffered in an automated small parts warehouse, similar to a tray AS/RS
  • Store-friendly picking of the individual totes/cases by means of stacker cranes to create a customer order
Special features
With ATS, the entire material flow is significantly simplified and accelerated. First, various fresh products already packed into totes and onto single-item pallets by the supplier are delivered to the distribution center. A one-time identification process takes place centrally in the receiving area. Further tracking in the system is then ensured via indirect target tracking, which means that time-consuming physical labeling of the individual totes with barcodes or similar can be completely eliminated. Due to the flexibility of the system it is possible to use totes with different sizes and different heights - 600 x 400 mm and 400 x 300 mm. It is also possible to pick Euro pool totes.
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution