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Jumbo relies on automation for fresh products
The Dutch food retailer Jumbo Supermarkten, is realizing one of the most modern automated fresh food logistics centers in Europe with WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH. From the beginning of 2024, the 40,000 square meter facility in Nieuwegein will supply all stores in the Netherlands and Belgium with almost 2,900 different fresh items with a minimum shelf life of eight days - dairy products, a wide variety of cheese, meat products, tapas, salads, chilled beverages, and much more.
Customer: Jumbo Supermarkten
Things are going great at Jumbo. As a result, the second-largest Dutch food retailer not only expanded its market share to 21.5 percent in 2020, but also increased its sales by 15 percent to 9.68 billion euros. In addition to many stores in the Netherlands, the number of Jumbo stores in Belgium was also further expanded. The high pace of expansion naturally has an impact on the logistics processes. In addition to the implementation of the new fresh food central warehouse, the Parkstein-based general contractor WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH was also awarded the contract for the expansion of the “National Distribution Center (NDC) in Nieuwegein, which supplies all Jumbo customers with 14,000+ items from the dry goods assortment.
Nieuwegein (Netherlands)
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
2,900 different fresh products; 14,000 different dry goods
OPM, CPS, AIO, DPS, automatic shipping buffer
850,000 pick units daily in the fresh food area; 2.6 million cases weekly in the dry goods range
Special features of the project
The fresh produce central distribution center (CDC) is designed for an initial peak picking capacity of more than 850,000 pick units per day. Modular expansion for future growth is already part of the overall concept. Furthermore, additional COM robotics lines will be installed in the existing dry goods warehouse during ongoing operations. All logistics areas are connected by an efficient, 14-kilometer-long conveyor network, which includes a total of 9,500 pallet storage locations, more than 600,000 tote and tray storage locations, as well as 138 stacker cranes.
The existing installation in the dry goods distribution center will be expanded by 12 additional COM robotics lines during ongoing operations (in total 32 COM robotics lines), enabling 2.6 million cases per week to be picked onto roll containers in a store-friendly manner as early as mid-2022. With reference to the OPM area, this corresponds to almost 60 percent more throughput. The automated high bay warehouse, which is located in front of the COM machines will be expanded by 6,000 locations and the automated tray warehouse by 176,000 locations including the corresponding conveyor system. The technology will be integrated into the existing building with a size of approx. 45,000 square meters.
Customer opinion
“The expansion of our stores business, the growth of online shopping, and the increase of our product range - both in fresh produce and dry goods - demand short response times and high process flexibility. This is where we benefit from innovative and automated logistics systems, which we can scale efficiently as our requirements grow”, explains Karel de Jong, Director Supply Chain at Jumbo Supermarkten. “The expansion of the logistics center was already fully considered in the original design phase”, explains Jack Kuypers, Senior Vice President North-West Europe at WITRON. “Due to Jumbo’s strong growth and the economic success of the already operational OPM system, which can be rapidly measured for the customer, we are implementing the upgrade three years earlier than originally planned. The OPM, DPS, and CPS solutions installed at Jumbo ensure a very high store and customer service for all distribution channels. Therefore, we are proud to have been able to make an important contribution to Jumbo’s positive business development as a life-time partner.”