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The purchasing performance has a direct impact on WITRON’s success. It ensures an optimal price-performance ratio of the goods and services that WITRON acquires from external suppliers and guarantees a long-term cooperation with efficient and innovative suppliers.

The cornerstone for a smooth cooperation are the purchasing conditions, the supplier manual, and the delivery and packaging guidelines.

All suppliers of WITRON receive access data to the supplier portal, which can be accessed via the following link. There, you have access to key figures such as on-time delivery and quality and you also have the option of storing your service and product portfolio in the supplier profile. By maintaining contacts, suppliers can ensure that WITRON always communicates with the correct supplier’s contact persons.

New suppliers

A long-term and cooperative partnership with our suppliers is very important to us. If a supplier has proven its cost, quality, and delivery capability, it can become a supplier of WITRON .

Would you like to apply to us as a supplier?

Please send us your company presentation and your certificates to lieferantenportal(at)witron.de

Note: The more comprehensive and up-to-date the data is in the application, the easier it is for WITRON to evaluate a supplier and to be able to select them for suitable inquiries.

Please download our terms and conditions of purchase, supplier manuals, and guidelines

Complaints Procedure

Complying with environmental laws and human rights is a central component of the corporate responsibility that WITRON lives every day and also expects from its executives, employees, service providers, and suppliers. 

In order to achieve this shared objective, WITRON relies on your support and cooperation. Every risk management depends on reliable data that can be evaluated and incorporated into solutions.

For us, human rights and lived sustainability are non-negotiable. Therefore, please inform us promptly and in as much detail as possible about violations of and risks to environmental laws and human rights – both at WITRON and at our business partners.  If you yourself are affected, please also let us know in as much detail as possible. In this case, we will contact you in a timely manner.

Environmental laws and human rights can be found in detail in the provisions of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence to Prevent Human Rights Violations in Supply Chains (hereinafter "LkSG"). You can find the LkSG and further information here.

Nonetheless, we have included below a general and non-binding listing of the objectives pursued by law for easier orientation:

  • prohibition of child labor;
  • prohibition of forced labor, slavery, forced prostitution, and the like;
  • ensuring health and safety at work;
  • prohibition of disregard for freedom of association;
  • prohibition of discriminatory treatment;
  • prohibition of unreasonable wages; and
  • prohibition of causing harmful soil contamination/poisoning.

Please send any relevant information by letter or e-mail to the following address:

WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH
Human Rights Officer
Neustädter Str. 21
92711 Parkstein, Germany
Email: menschenrechte(at)witron.de

You are also welcome to use our informer system at https://witron-gruppe.meldestelle-bsp-security.de/.

We will of course treat your message confidentially. No one has to fear any disadvantages in consequence of providing relevant information. However, we will prosecute unlawful and/or offensive statements such as insults, false allegations, defamation, etc. accordingly.


Thank you for your cooperation!
Date: 22.12.2023

Natalie Kick
Human Rights Officer of the WITRON corporate group