We deliver quality - deliver with us!

The purchasing performance has a direct impact on WITRON’s success. It ensures an optimal price-performance ratio of the goods and services that WITRON acquires from external suppliers and guarantees a long-term cooperation with efficient and innovative suppliers.

The cornerstone for a smooth cooperation are the purchasing conditions, the supplier manual, and the delivery and packaging guidelines.

All suppliers of WITRON receive access data to the supplier portal, which can be accessed via the following link. There, you have access to key figures such as on-time delivery and quality and you also have the option of storing your service and product portfolio in the supplier profile. By maintaining contacts, suppliers can ensure that WITRON always communicates with the correct supplier’s contact persons.

New suppliers

A long-term and cooperative partnership with our suppliers is very important to us. If a supplier has proven its cost, quality, and delivery capability, it can become a supplier of WITRON .

Would you like to apply to us as a supplier?

Please send us your company presentation and your certificates to lieferantenportal(at)witron.de

Note: The more comprehensive and up-to-date the data is in the application, the easier it is for WITRON to evaluate a supplier and to be able to select them for suitable inquiries.

Please download our terms and conditions of purchase, supplier manuals, and guidelines