Solutions for an optimal material flow

Our customers buy a promise: WITRON delivers an optimal material flow, a guaranteed delivery performance and thus added value in logistics. The focus in on customer benefits, not on technology. Our solutions are tailored to their needs and help us deliver on our promise. With our experience from more than 2,000 projects, we know how to manage and optimize operations.

OPM is fully automated case picking in food retailing. The solution is now being implemented in its fifth generation and is in demand worldwide. It is used in the dry, perishable and frozen goods warehouse. The OPM is currently proving its efficiency in more than 90 projects in 13 countries. Some customers are already using the solution with its omni-channel functionalities and the artificial intelligence behind it.
The FPM is a highly efficient system for fully automated picking in no-stock distribution centers (Flow Through) - integrated end-to-end from receiving to shipping. The FPM concept is thus the solution for fresh produce logistics, which is handled almost exclusively via no-stock distribution warehouses and places high demands on product variety, product quality, and time-to-store.
The AIO is a warehouse logistics solution that is suitable for all system sizes and industry sectors, almost all business models, product structures, and delivery channels, with short order throughput times, integrated returns processing, ergonomic, flexible, scalable, and therefore highly economical.
The highly dynamic and automated picking of small parts in DPS is supported by a pick-by-light system. DPS works according to both principles “goods-to-person” or '”person-to-goods”. Depending on the order structure, the items are arranged permanently or on demand in the pick front, which means that it is always optimized.
The automated picking system OPS is an integration of automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS), distribution loop, and upstream picking workstations. In the OPS, the items are prepared for picking at the picking workstations according to the goods-to-person principle for each order and in the correct sequence.
With the full integration of the newly developed Goods To Person solution (GTP) into the overall OPM concept, it is now possible to pick and consolidate non-automatable items in an ergonomic, cost-efficient, and store-friendly manner directly onto the shipping units that have already been pre-picked in the OPM.
The CPS storage system is a manual order picking system for route-optimized picking of cases onto pallets or roll containers, supported by radio frequency, pick-by-voice, and pick-by-light technology.
ATS/ACS for fully automatic picking of whole totes, carton trays (fresh produce, fruits, vegetables), and beverage crates. This system is most commonly found in the temperature-controlled areas of food retail distribution centers.
The Box Order System (BOS) is a WITRON development that not only meets the high expectations in terms of product handling, but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency, throughput, and ergonomics in the fresh food environment. Based on its high flexibility, the solution can also be used for the handling of beverage crates.
The DPP solution is an integrated concept for the fully automated creation of store-friendly customer orders, consisting of different quarter and half pallets. In the process, orders can be picked with DPP both on pallets and on roll containers.
Heavy, large-volume, and bulky goods are stored economically and cost-efficiently with the MPS order picking system and picked onto pallets or grid boxes. The user is supported by pick-by-light.
Storage conveyor technology is used to temporarily store the ready-picked customer orders on double-deep storage locations for Euro pallets and triple-deep storage locations for roll container system pallets. To increase system availability, roll containers are always transported and stored on system pallets. The roll containers are prepared for shipment without the system pallet on the staging conveyor.
The product range includes all key conveyor system elements for totes, trays and pallets. Even the Case Order Machine, central element of the OPM system, as well as other visionary fully automatic picking machines are developed and built in-house on a production area of 180,000 square meters.