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AIO - All in One
The AIO is a warehouse logistics solution that is suitable for all system sizes and industry sectors, almost all business models, product structures, and delivery channels, with short order throughput times, integrated returns processing, ergonomic, flexible, scalable, and therefore highly economical.
Level of automation
Semi-automated / goods-to-person
Picking unit
Single items and small-volume products
AIO’s Order Fulfillment system takes e-commerce warehouse logistics to a new level. Processes that are handled in two separate sections in a conventional warehouse logistics environment and need to be consolidated in a complex way are handled by the AIO Order Fulfillment in just one integrated warehouse logistics system. This does not only significantly increase the efficiency and performance of the picking and packing processes, but also enables considerable savings to be made on the investment. The result is an extremely compact design and short, transparent material flows. Thus, hardly any connecting conveyor technology is required in the warehouse.
  • Independent of industry, distribution channels, SKU range, and much more
  • Networking of storage, order picking, consolidation, and returns management
  • Integration of different load carriers - totes, cartons, trays
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Value added service workstations - trend-setting in terms of functionality and ergonomics
Special features
Due to the permanent and flexible access to all products, unplanned order peaks and planned sales actions can be handled simultaneously by the warehouse logistics without any problems. Thanks to its modular design, the All-in-One Order Fulfillment is suitable for companies of almost any size. Flexible scalability allows an ideal adaption to the company’s growth and changing business processes. The flexible concept of the solution can be adapted to any use case - regardless of food, near-food, non-food, pharmaceutical, or parts distribution.
Industry sector
E-Commerce / Multi-Channel