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DPS - Dynamic Picking System
The highly dynamic and automated picking of small parts in DPS is supported by a pick-by-light system. DPS works according to both principles “goods-to-person” or '”person-to-goods”. Depending on the order structure, the items are arranged permanently or on demand in the pick front, which means that it is always optimized.
Level of automation
Picking unit
Single items and small-volume products
DPS allows direct storage and picking in an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS( using pick-by-light. The replenishment of the picking zones integrated in the tote warehouse is exclusively system-controlled by stacker cranes of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS). The classification of the product structure is continuously reviewed and adjusted by DPS.
  • Reduction of walking distances by 75 percent
  • Picking from triple-deep flow channels
  • ABC-compliant product supply to the pick front
  • Replenishment of the pick front by automatic stacker cranes
  • Footprint savings of up to 50% compared to conventional storage
Special features
Due to the static and dynamic provision of the stored items, the walking distances of the employees are reduced by up to 75%. End-to-end ergonomics plays an important role for all workstations - starting with the workstations for repacking the goods into totes and through to the picking workstations. The lifting and carrying of totes in the DPS is reduced to a minimum. The DPS supports different types of order picking: From tote into tote, from pallet into tote, from tote into the shipping carton, etc. Regardless of the picking type, the picker is always guided by a pick-by-light system.
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution