Solutions / FPM - Flow Picking Machinery
FPM - Flow Picking Machinery
The FPM is a highly efficient system for fully automated picking in no-stock distribution centers (Flow Through) - integrated end-to-end from receiving to shipping. The FPM concept is thus the solution for fresh produce logistics, which is handled almost exclusively via no-stock distribution warehouses and places high demands on product variety, product quality, and time-to-store.
Level of automation
Fully automated
Picking unit
The “flow-through warehouse” turns over completely several times a day. The products of the various product groups are delivered throughout the day and received in the incoming goods area of the FPM system. Once depalletizing has been completed, the goods enter a highly dynamic sequence buffer. The FPM system’s intelligent production control dynamically calculates the pallets required for ongoing production, taking into account the optimization of production capacity, stacking criteria, and transport volumes. Palletizing is done in a store-friendly manner using COM machines according to the individual requirements of each store.
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution