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Shipping Buffer
Storage conveyor technology is used to temporarily store the ready-picked customer orders on double-deep storage locations for Euro pallets and triple-deep storage locations for roll container system pallets. To increase system availability, roll containers are always transported and stored on system pallets. The roll containers are prepared for shipment without the system pallet on the staging conveyor.
All load carriers that belong to a tour are mainly stored in the same module. Up to two high-speed stacker cranes, equipped with flexible telescopic forks, supply the shipping lanes with dispatch units from each module. These lanes are connected to the buffer. Thanks to the patented WITRON technology, both Euro pallets and roll containers can be transported simultaneously and in mixed mode on the same shipping lane. IT-controlled and just-in-time for dispatch, all load carriers - sorted by tours or even by stores, and in the optimal trailer loading sequence - are made available to the shipper on the shipping lanes.
  • High cost-efficiency due to shortened truck idle times
  • Less floor space with the same buffer capacity
  • Savings on industrial trucks due to automation of processes
  • Parallel automatic buffering and provision for shipment of Euro pallets and roll containers in one system
  • High dynamics due to short distances between the shipping buffer and the shipping dock
Special features
WITRON's energy-efficient technologies and processes also have a positive effect on a company’s CO2 balance. Densely packed load carriers picked on the basis of sophisticated stacking algorithms, combined with highly efficient dispatch processing, ensure optimum truck utilization, avoid unused storage space, reduce empty runs, and thus make a significant contribution to environmental protection.