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WITRON Conveyor System
The product range includes all key conveyor system elements for totes, trays and pallets. Even the Case Order Machine, central element of the OPM system, as well as other visionary fully automatic picking machines are developed and built in-house on a production area of 180,000 square meters.
Stacker cranes for automatic small part and tray storage, material flow lanes, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, vertical conveyors, transfer cars, diverters, sequencers, pushers, and many more are designed and manufactured to exactly meet the requirements of the WITRON projects. Our conveyor system elements are designed for maximum availability - 7 days a week / 24 hours around the clock. This increases economic efficiency and reduces life time costs. In addition, WITRON focuses on energy efficiency and maintainability/durability of its conveyor technology.
The entire practical knowledge that WITRON gained over decades from design, realization, and system operation flows into the production of each single conveyor system part. Optimizations are made wherever it makes sense. Interface problems between IT, PLC, controller, sensor technology, actuators,drives, and mechanics are a thing of the past.