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Axfood implements omni-channel logistics center with WITRON
WITRON is realizing the largest single project in its company history to date near Stockholm. By the end of 2023, the Parkstein-based systems integrator will put into operation a highly automated logistics center of more than 100,000 m² for the food retailer Axfood. The warehouse will handle picking and deliveries to Axfood’s stores as well as to online customers and will coordinate large parts of the logistics operations for the Stockholm area as well as areas northward, which today account for approximately 60% of Axfood’s volumes. The temperature zones range from +25° C to --26°C. The system is designed for a daily picking capacity of approximately 1.6 million pick units. The order value amounts to 240 million Euros.
Customer: Axfood AB, Sweden
Balsta, Sweden
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
16,000 different items - dry assortment, fresh, frozen
OPM, CPS, AIO, DPS, OPS, vollautomatischer Warenausgangspuffer
approx.1.6 million pick units / peak day
Special features of the project
The logistics center supplies both Axfood stores and online customers. Depending on the respective distribution channel, the goods are delivered using a wide variety of different load carriers: store-friendly packed pallets and roll containers, insulated containers, totes, delivery boxes, environmentally friendly paper bags. Innovative algorithms for every store or online order ensurean efficient consolidation from different product and temperature zones as well as space-saving stacking onto or into the optimal shipping container.
Due to the complexity of the task - supply of all distribution channels from one logistics center, extremely dynamic business processes, very high throughput both in the store and digital business - an end-to-end supply chain intelligence is required that optimally integrates the DC into Axfood's entire logistics network - internally and externally – as well as vertically and horizontally. From the supplier, over the logistics center and the transport to the stores or home delivery. This requires an exact understanding of the customer's processes - both the store and online business. Based on this foundation, Axfood's project goals - high cost-efficiency, high delivery reliability, best delivery quality and assortment expansion - can actually be implemented as "end-to-end".
Customer opinion
"The omni-channel solution designed by WITRON enables us to have a flexible, efficient and sustainable logistics chain - both for the store-friendly supply of our shops and for the fast-growing online retail business. Through this investment, we are taking a big step into the future together with the family-owned company WITRON and are strengthening the competitiveness of the entire Axfood family," says Klas Balkow, President and CEO of Axfood.