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Mercadona realizes seventh frozen food distribution center with WITRON
Mercadona is the leading Spanish food retailer, supplying its customers in Spain and Portugal with goods through both stores and online retailing. Now, Mercadona and WITRON are continuing their long-standing successful cooperation. At the end of December 2022, the contract was signed for the design and implementation of a new frozen food logistics center in Parc Sagunt (Valencia, Spain). Productive use is planned for 2025.
Customer: Mercadona, Spain
Parc Sagunt (Valencia)
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
650 different frozen products
Picking of 58,000 cases on a peak day
Special features of the project
Frozen food distribution center, storage and order picking at minus 23 degrees Celsius
The highly automated facility will supply almost 200 Mercadona stores in the future. The fully automated and store-friendly order picking onto pallets is carried out by six COM machines. A four-aisle automated pallet high bay warehouse with 5,980 storage locations and a twelve-aisle tray warehouse with 63,000 storage locations are located in front of the OPM area
Customer opinion
"Mercadona and the logistics life-time partner WITRON have been maintaining a trustworthy and successful partnership for almost two decades. It goes far beyond a usual customer-supplier relationship. At the locations in Ciempozuelos, Ribarroja, Villadangos, Abrera, Vitoria, Guadix - and in the future also in Parc Sagunt - WITRON has already designed and implemented 14 highly automated projects, from which we currently supply 1,662 stores with goods from the dry, fresh and frozen range. In addition to high cost-efficiency, the solution convinces us with a variety of sustainable benefits - for our stores, our customers, our employees, and for the environment." Rosa Aguado, General Manager Logistics from Mercadona