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GTP - Goods To Person
With the full integration of the newly developed Goods To Person solution (GTP) into the overall OPM concept, it is now possible to pick and consolidate non-automatable items in an ergonomic, cost-efficient, and store-friendly manner directly onto the shipping units that have already been pre-picked in the OPM.
Level of automation
Picking unit
Based on an intelligent stacking algorithm, the cases are provided either on storage pallets or OPM trays system-controlled via a conveyor system at the GTP workstation. Order-related requirements, such as consolidation by product group, can thus be met more easily.
  • Picking errors are largely eliminated by using the latest visualization tools and by sequencing the provision of storage and dispatch units. The system specifies the picks to be made in the correct sequence.
  • Depending on the GTP type, the walking distances for employees at the GTP workstation are eliminated completely or reduced to a minimum. The same applies to unergonomic lifting and carrying.
  • If cases are provided on trays in temperature-controlled areas (fresh / frozen), the GTP workstation can even be situated in a warmer working environment, as the cold chain is not interrupted due to the short provision time.
  • The CO2 footprint is improved because a wide range of product parameters (size, weight, handling, stability) can be combined when building a customer pallet / roll container, which also significantly reduces the number of load carriers that are not optimally filled during transportation.
  • Furthermore, the solution ensures space savings in the warehouse, since products outside the “standard parameters” that cannot be processed automatically, do not have to be permanently staged in separate pick aisles or logistics areas, but remain in the high bay warehouse / tray warehouse until they are needed.
  • Time-consuming forklift runs with long driving distances but relatively few pick processes are eliminated.
Industry sector
Retail / Distribution
Particularly in the fresh and frozen food area, but also in the dry goods range, customers like to use this solution because of the selected number of items that cannot be handled fully automatically - and not only with a focus on high customer and store service. With an increasing shortage of skilled workers in the logistics environment in particular, trend-setting workstations are another important recruiting criterion for presenting oneself as an attractive employer and thus generating sustainable competitive advantages - economically, ecologically, and socially.