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OPS - Order Picking System
The automated picking system OPS is an integration of automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS), distribution loop, and upstream picking workstations. In the OPS, the items are prepared for picking at the picking workstations according to the goods-to-person principle for each order and in the correct sequence.
Level of automation
Picking unit
Single items and small-volume products
Integrated sequence buffers decouple the inbound and outbound processes from the picking process. OPS enables storage and picking in one system. It has proven to be extremely economical and cost-efficient in numerous applications around the world for the automated handling of very broad product ranges, in some cases with more than 100,000 different items.
  • Convenient handling of very broad product ranges
  • Automatic generation and sequence-friendly provision
  • Possible to pick several orders at the same time
  • Combination of AS/RS and ergonomic workstation
  • Possible to provide any storage tote at any pick station
  • Footprint savings due to compact modular design
Special features
OPS is especially interesting for spare parts distribution, as the system supports a wide range of picking methods. In addition to serial 1:1 order picking, parallel picking into several order totes is also possible. WITRON has already implemented systems that allow parallel picking into up to 20 store totes per picking station. Another OPS version is the use of segmented storage and order totes. This means that even extremely wide product ranges, consisting of the smallest items, can be handled without any problems. Pick and pack functionalities can be integrated into all system versions.
Industry sector
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