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MPS - Module Picking System
Heavy, large-volume, and bulky goods are stored economically and cost-efficiently with the MPS order picking system and picked onto pallets or grid boxes. The user is supported by pick-by-light.
Level of automation
Picking unit
Heavy and bulky products
MPS is a goods-to-person system supported by pick-by-light. In the process, the WITRON material flow computer controls all the necessary pallet movements from the high bay warehouse and indicates the removal quantities to the employees via pick-by-light displays.
  • Picking of large-volume, bulky, and heavy products as well as packaging units in one automatically loaded pick aisle
  • Permanent order-related and automated provision of the picked goods by means of transfer cars
  • Firmly defined pick zones with very short walking distances
  • Slow movers: dynamic staging areas
Special features
The dynamic pick front is generated on an order-related basis by transfer cars. The positioning of the order pallet or order grid box at the pick front is done centrally between the individual storage pallets. Thus, the walking distances and lifting movements for the operator are reduced to a minimum and ergonomic working is possible despite the inhomogeneous range of goods. Parallel picking of several customer orders, both on pallets and into grid boxes, is also possible.
Industry sector
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